Eric Smith's Northstar Subdivision

The Northstar Subdivision is an HO scale model railroad that is modeling the Canadian Pacific Railway and BNSF Railway, as well as other interchanging railroads, from the Twin Cities northwest towards the Dakotas. While there is still some construction to complete on this plywood pacific railroad,  I can still run trains on it. In addition, it has a number of interesting features:

  • Double deck design using a modular approach and Closetmaid shelving brackets
  • Dual 8-track staging yards at either end of layout
  • Removable section of track to allow for access to circuit breaker panel
  • Large main yard with 8 classification tracks, 2 arrival/departure tracks, and a large engine facility
  • Three industrial/switching districts
  • Car order system for operations
  • Dual track, 21" high helix
  • Block detection and remote turnout control using JMRI, DCC, and RR-Cirkits products

Besides hosting operating sessions in the future, the layout will serve as an instructional playground for people wanting to learn how to do realistic model railroad operations. 

Last Updated on 3/28/2022