Trevor Jones' Midland and Great Western Railway

Trevor Jones' N scale Midland & Great Western Junction Railway is set in the County of Gloucester, England. The era is the late 1950's early 1960's period (the trains Trevor saw and loved as a boy). Two regions of British Railways operate autonomously: the Midland Region, a double track main line and the Western Region, a hilly cross country single track line, with the principle interchange at Newnham on Severn. Cheltenham St James is a large stub end station on the Midland with a sizable engine shed, both laid out to prototype plans. The Western taps the industries, mines and quarries of the Forest Of Dean as well as serving two river docks. Part of the layout was an 7' x 11' portable module for over 35 years . . . . it was recognized with 2 awards at the 2005 NTS.

Last Updated on 9/29/2021