Dan Hinel's Rail Xpress Railroad

Rail Xpress Railroad (RxRR) is a terminal switching railroad with a CTC controlled double track beltline configuration surrounding a midwestern city of Gotham. RxRR occupies 2700 sq ft room. Track configurations is a figure 8 folded onto itself. The two level 830+ ft double track mainline is CTC dispatcher controlled, utilizing a 3 serial node C/MRI detection and signaling system. Dispatcher panel is a 45” LED TV. RxRR uses NCE wireless system and scenery is 99% complete. RxRR has over 130 customers in 19 switching districts (625 car spots). A typical session will have 12 yard transfers trains, 19 local switching jobs, and 4 units trains (coal, aggregate, grain and petroleum products) plus a lonely Doodlebug passenger train.

Last Updated on 9/29/2021