Matt Hewitt's Shadowtown Ridge Northern

The Shadowton Ridge North RR is a point-to-point, freelance branch route, running from North Samuels, Pennsylvania south of Bedford, Pennsylvania to Shadowton Ridge, West Virginia in September 1956. Heavy steam & first generation diesels move coal and mixed freight through the rugged Appalachian Mountains. This is a double deck layout that uses a 36” helix to move from one level to the next. The bench work is L-girder with risers, most using 2 by 4 framing. Minimum radius is 32,” This layout is approximately 800 square feet in size and the scenery is 100% completely done. Matt is using a Digitrax system, and sound is starting to fill the room. The scenery on Matt’s layout is the best you may ever see and he has an incredible eye for detail and complex scenes. He has been published in Model Railroader and was the cover story for the 2010 edition of Model Railroader Magazine.

Last Updated on 4/28/2022