Tom Fitzsimmons' Red Mountain Northern

The Red Mountain Northern is an HOn3 layout depicting a fictitious extension of the Silverton Railroad, north from Red Mountain Mining district in Colorado in 1893. The layout is 10 feet by 13 feet with full scenery. The layout features floor-to-ceiling scenery depicting the dramatic mountains and gulches of the San Juan Mountains. It features Styrofoam structural and scenery base construction with scenery surfaces of plaster rock castings and lots of Colorado “dirt”. Track is hand laid code 55 and 40 rail in visible areas with most turnouts being hand laid stub switches. The DCC control system is Digitrax based with extensive JMRI Logix used for control panels, home grown servo turnout controls, and electromagnetic uncouplers. Locos utilize Soundtraxx and LokSound sound decoders. Structures are both scratch built and kit built.

Last Updated on 9/29/2021