Pete Pedigo's New Unionville & Western Railroad

The New Unionville & Western Railroad is a 1/8th scale model railroad on 49 acres near New Unionville and Bloomington, Indiana. This scale operates on a track gauge of 7 1/2".  The train cars and locomotives are 16 inches wide and 24 inches tall.  Persons in this hobby are called Live Steamers because of the steam engines so many own and operate along with electric and diesel models. The topography for this railroad consists of 15 acres of hilly pasture with a lake and 30 acres of heavily forested rough topography.  There is currently over 8000 feet of mainline track in operation.

You can see video of the railroad here:

This railroad will open at 10AM and close at 3PM. Sign up info will be provided at the convention. You must sign up to visit this railroad by Thursday afternoon 4pm. Directions will also be provided when you sign up.

Last Updated on 5/3/2022