Modeling With The Masters® - SOLD OUT

4/18/2022 Update: Both sessions are sold out. 

Sam Swanson will be presenting the Painting and Weathering with Inexpensive Craft Acrylic Paint clinic. This hands-on clinic is focused on developing skills in painting and weathering models using a three-step process, including base-color painting, staining for shadows, and dry brushing for highlights. Each of these steps will be undertaken using common brushes and craftstyle acrylic paints. Attendees should bring their small structures (built or unbuilt), details or figures, or rolling stock (preferably with wood sheathing, such a boxcar or stock car) to be painted. Three models maximum are recommended. Each model or components to be painted should be primed with a flat overcoat (paint or Dullcoat), particularly if the model is plastic, to facilitate adherence of the craft acrylics. Brushes and paints will be provided, but attendees may bring their own as well, should guidance on various brush and paints be desired. Practice models will also be available, should attendees want to try various techniques prior to working on their own models. The cost of the clinic is $20, which includes all work-station materials. We’ll meet over a 4-hour period to thoroughly cover the basic techniques and as time allows, any advanced techniques attendees are interested in can be worked on as well. Advance registration for this event is required.

Last Updated on 4/18/2022