T-Trak Call For Modules

A very large T-TRAK layout is being planned as an invitational event at the convention. The invitation is extended to all registrants for the convention. The event will occupy an entire conference room - Freedom Hall B.  Registrants will bring their modules for display and train running during the convention.  Set up is planned for Wednesday morning and tear down is planned for Saturday afternoon so there will be plenty of time for you to run your trains, attend really good clinics, see some great layouts, visit the train show and meet with your friends.  The layout will be powered by Digitrax DCC and will be running with JMRI Wi-Fi so bring along your smartphone.

The event is being sponsored by the NMRA Mid Central Region who have a T-TRAK invitational layout at their annual convention.  So those of you in the North Central and Midwest Regions will see it for the first time. 

Up to date information will be provided on this website, as well as an email list that will be composed of all who have signed up for the layout. Here is the Call For Modules notice, suitable for printing: 

Call For Modules Notice (PDF format)

So, bring those cool modules that you have worked so hard to build and show us your skills and ingenuity. 

If you are from the North Central or Midwest Region and you would like to join with members from the Mid Central region or if you are not an NMRA member, send an email to t-trak@indyjunction2022.org.

If you are from the Mid Central Region, please contact your Division T-TRAK committee member.


Last Updated on 10/9/2021