Contest Information

The contest includes categories for models, photographic prints, and arts and crafts. Entries may be submitted in the categories seen in the table below.

Seven awards will be given for Best of Show based on judging points, one each for:

  • Model
  • Display (diorama)
  • Photographic Print
  • Arts & Crafts

Twenty four First Place awards shall be awarded for:

  • Steam Locomotive Scratch
  • Steam Locomotive Kit
  • Diesel & Other Locomotive Scratch
  • Diesel & Other Locomotive Kit
  • Traction Scratch
  • Traction Kit
  • Passenger Car Scratch
  • Passenger Car Kit
  • Freight Car Scratch
  • Freight Car Kit
  • Caboose Scratch
  • Caboose Kit
  • Non-Revenue Car Scratch
  • Non-Revenue Car Kit
  • Structure Scratch
  • Structure Kit
  • Display (Diorama)
  • Model Black & White Print
  • Model Color Print
  • Prototype Black & White Print
  • Prototype Color Print
  • Arts & Crafts: Railroadiana
  • Arts & Crafts: Needlework
  • Arts & Crafts: General

Seven Peoples’ Choice (popular vote) Awards for:

  • Favorite Locomotive
  • Favorite Car
  • Favorite Structure
  • Favorite Display
  • Favorite Prototype Photo
  • Favorite Model Photo

All entrants must use the Indy Junction Entry Form 901IJ found on this site. All entries are accepted during the times the Contest Room is open on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (see the convention master schedule). No entries will be accepted after the contest room closes on Friday night.

The contest is judged on Saturday beginning between 8:00 and 9:00 AM. Convention attendees are allowed in the rooms during judging but silence must be observed at all times and there is to be no interaction with the judges. Once the judging has been completed the rooms will be closed while results are tabulated and winners photographed.

Once judging is completed those who must depart before the end of the convention may pick up their entries by prior arrangement with the contest committee. Awards are announced and presented during a ceremony Saturday evening. After the ceremony the contest room will be until 9:00 PM for viewing by the convention attendees. Entries may be removed after 9:00 PM and the contest room must be cleared by 10:00 PM.

Contest Forms/Documentation

  • Contest Rules - PDF
  • Form 901 - Entry Form - PDF
  • Form 902 - Model Judging Form - PDF
  • Form 905 - Arts & Crafts Judging Form - PDF
  • Photo Requirements - PDF