Layout Tours

The Indianapolis area is home to dozens of home layouts that will be hosting open houses during Indy Junction 2022. All tours will be self-guided for convention participants.

Tour Schedule

Click the tour name to show the layouts on each tour, or click here to see all layouts.

Extra Tours

Tour guides with addresses and directions, when necessary, will be made available in both digital and print formats during the convention. Please note that some layouts may need to open late or close early. These notes will be on the tour guides. 

Even though some of the areas overlap, only the layouts on each day's tour are open for tours. Please do not go to someone's house expecting them to open their layout to you if you're there on the wrong day. 

James and Phillip Burnside's Steel Mill Railroad
Railroads have long been the primary means of transportation for the steel industry, from delivering resources to moving materials around the workplace to hauli ...

Tour: 4 - Avon/Indianapolis West

John and Connie Coy's Glacier Line
The Glacier Line is an "O" Scale (1/48) model railroad that is set in Marias Pass/Glacier National Park, Montana. This layout has been featured in OGR Magazine ...

Tour: 4 - Avon/Indianapolis West

Jim Munns' CNW Christie Division
Jim's layout is truly impressive model of the CNW, and is a popular stop on Indianapolis-based layout tours. It is based on the Christie Division in Wisconsin.T ...

Tour: 4 - Avon/Indianapolis West

John Pancini's Jasper-Kentland & Wabash Railroad
The HO Jasper-Kentland & Wabash Railroad is a freelanced road with the main purpose being to switch over 30 industries using a card/card system. Two staging ...

Tour: 4 - Avon/Indianapolis West

Ron Phillips' Great Northern
This is a free-lanced version of the Great Northern Railway and depicts the route from Chicago to Seattle. The main railroad room measures 26’ x 36’ with an add ...

Tour: 4 - Avon/Indianapolis West